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We offer a range of high-quality hard and soft aligners, designed to provide optimal protection and comfort.
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Is a night guard right for you?

We understand the reasons why patients come to you seeking night guards. We have the solution for you. Our night guards are family made, and custom made specifically for your needs and unique situation.

Night guards are proven to save your patients from multiple dental nightmares. Some people do not even know that they are grinding their teeth in their sleep. GCS Dental Lab has high-quality hard and soft night guards that can protect your patients from the biting their tongues and the painful symptoms of bruxism.

When patients come to you with problems such as grinding their teeth while they sleep, severe headaches, sleep issues and jaw pain, then we are ready to help you provide the solution.

What is a night guard and how does it work?

A night guard is a customized fabricated piece of acrylic that fits over your teeth. The acrylic protects your teeth from grinding with one another, which prevents tooth wear, cracks, gum recession, and even tooth movement.

Although night guards cannot stop jaw clenching, night guards can act like a splint. If fitted properly, it holds the teeth together in their correct position and stops the teeth from shifting or moving.

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What kind of night guard is the best?

Most night guards are normally made from hard, durable, and heat-cured plastic, it is perfectly okay if your patients might feel uncomfortable at first. It is very important that night guards provide safety and comfort. So, here are three types of night guards that your patients can choose from:

  • Hard/soft night guard has a soft overlay reproduction of the dental arch form. Then, a layer of hard acrylic is added to provide a flat occlusal plane.
  • Hard night guard is a heat-cured hard acrylic and a flat plane that is designed to protect the dentition. This type of night guard can be worn at day or night to give occlusal comfort.
  • Soft night guard is made from pressure-formed EVA. It is a flexible material that can be used for cases with sensitive or missing teeth. It is also used for making athletic mouthguards.

Here at GCS Dental Lab, we always put patient safety first. We guarantee you that all our night guards use high-quality materials and are guaranteed patient-safety-first.

Smile with us!

Here at GSC Dental Lab, we want to help you deliver an exceptional patient experience. Don’t let your patients go about and get store-bought night guards. Entrust your dental needs to our team of professionals.

Our goal is to provide the best night guards that perfectly fits and suits your patient’s needs. Contact us, set up a meeting and well come to you! You can also call us at (502) 373-6080 or pay us a visit in our office.

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